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Amelia Park Lamb

Amelia Park is committed to bringing WA's best produce to your table with high quality meat sourced from a handful of the very best farmers in the pristine South West of Western Australia.

Harvey Beef

Choose Harvey Beef from pristine Western Australian Pastures Established in 1919, Harvey Beef has grown from humble beginnings supplying the Green family’s local butcher shops to one of Australia’s leading beef processing facilities supplying Australian and international markets. In 2014 the Minderoo Group owned by the Forrest family purchased the company, returning it to West Australian family ownership. The core values of family, safety and quality that drove the Green family ...

Genuinely Southern Forests

Fresh Produce from Western Australia's Southern Forests The locals in the Southern Forests region of Western Australia have known about it for generations. In this gorgeous, pristine part of the world, something magical is going on. Maybe it’s the clear, crisp air. Or the extraordinary fertility of the soils. Maybe it’s the 365 growing days a year. Or the purity of the rainfall. Or maybe it’s a combination of all these things. Truth is no-one knows for sure. But what we do know is ...

Lupin Foods

Lupin Foods produces a food product called Lupin Flake made from the legume Australian Sweet Lupins. Having launched on a very small scale in October 2014, Lupin Flake is a relatively new health food product to the market. Lupin Flake has a very unique nutrition profile being very high in both protein (40%) and prebiotic fibre (37%) with a carbohydrate content of just 4% (1.5% starch & 2.5% sugars).  Studies have shown the health benefits of Lupin Flakes include glucose metabolism, ...

Roast peach, red onion, walnut and feta salad

Nothing says summer like ripe peaches, and you can guarantee that your guests will be impressed with this sophisticated salad featuring local stone fruit from WA's own Southern Forests region.

Lamb and Lupin Kofte

Have you discovered new superfood lupin flake yet? Try them in this exotic Lamb and Lupin Kofte dish.