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Linley Valley Pork

Linley Valley Pork - grown in Western Australia Linley Valley Pork’s story starts with nature and ends with flavour. Their farmers have a passion for what they do, and genuinely care about the environment and welfare of the animals. Their pigs are grown in a clean, green environment and fed on Western Australian grains. They are monitored from “paddock to plate” to ensure their pork is of the highest quality and becomes an exceptional product. The best flavour comes from the most ...

Fresh oysters three ways

Enjoy Fresh Oysters three ways with our recipe for Thai style, Kilpatrick and lemon garlic butter toppings for a dozen fresh oysters. These make the perfect starter on a hot Christmas day, or enjoy by themselves on a balmy summer night.

Lamb rib chops with roasted garlic and white bean puree

Succulent portions of lamb presented on a long rib bone, herby lamb rib chops with roasted garlic heads served on a bed of white bean puree make an attractive and tasty grill.

Char-grilled marinated rump steak

Create a steakhouse quality meal at home with our BBQ rump steak recipe marinated marinated in Worcestershire sauce, red wine, rosemary, mustard and garlic then char-grilled to seal in the flavour.

Chicken Larb salad

Chicken Larb Salad is a meat salad found in both Laos and Thailand. Mixing sweet, savoury and sour notes it transforms ordinary mince into an extraordinarily tasty (but super easy) summer meal.

Lamb marinated in yoghurt and mint

Bring a little tenderness to your kitchen with a boneless butterflied leg of lamb. Marinated in yoghurt and mint, this flamegrilled dish is super tender and super tasty!