Grazing Table Tips

Grazing tables, particularly ones featuring sumptuous rounds and wedges of cheese, are the big new thing in event catering.   You can create your own impressive grazer for your next party with ingredients from Farmer Jack’s stores – just follow these grazing table tips:

  1. Stage your grazing table. Use cake stands, rustic boxes and wooden boards on top of your table to create different heights and dimensions for your food display. Incorporating flowers can also add lushness  (don’t forget we have daily fresh flowers in store so you can grab them while you do your shop).
  2. Offer a range. Select a variety of cheese including a soft cheese (brie or goats cheese), a semi-hard cheese (like a Dutch smoked cheese) and a hard cheese crumbly cheese (such as parmesan or aged cheddar). A blue cheese can also be delicious and look amazing. For a big party, try to get large wedges or even whole cheeses, rather than small packets as they look much more impressive. There are plenty of options in our cheese fridge.
  3. Don’t forget to label. Let people know what they are eating. Use mini blackboards or slates, paper flags on skewers or other creative ways of labeling the different cheeses.
  4. Don’t be a perfectionist. Grazing tables are meant to look artful but accessible, and your guests shouldn’t be afraid to touch or munch. Scatter crackers (like our homemade cheese ones), dried fruit and nuts, fresh fruit, pots of dip and herb sprigs around the table. Cut any whole cheeses open and spear them with cheese knifes so they are ready to tuck into.

Planning a party soon? Head into your local Farmer Jack’s to pick up all the key ingredients for a grazing table to impress.