A statement about COVID-19

Sorry we’re running out of some products, we’re trying our best for you.

At Farmer Jacks we care deeply about our customers, our staff and the local community. That’s why we’re asking for your understanding when we place limits on some lines and are out of stock of some others. Limiting the number of items for purchase means we are trying to have some stock for everyone – especially the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged.

We understand you may feel anxious about getting the food and essentials you need, but please be considerate with the quantities you purchase so there’s enough to go around in our community.

My thanks go to our team who have worked tirelessly during this time of unprecedented demand. I am very grateful and proud of them for their huge ongoing effort. We are open every day from 7am to 9pm or 10pm in the evening and we are restocking items throughout the day as they arrive at our stores.

Please check the website for the opening hours of your local Farmer Jacks here.

At this difficult time please be assured we will continue to do our best to supply you and your family with the food and essentials you need.

Yours Sincerely

Fred Fairthorne

Managing Director,
Farmer Jack’s Supermarkets