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Weekly recipes using fresh local products from your Farmer Jacks store.

Every week Farmer Jack’s stores publish a specials catalogue featuring products sourced, where possible, in Western Australia.  Our local produce including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables is then used to affordable, delicious and healthy recipes for our customers.

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Sweet potato, bacon and feta frittata

Sweet potato, bacon and feta frittata is a hearty Italian-style omelette that is delicious served both hot and cold for dinner or brunch. The recipe can also be modified to use a whole range of ingredients and is great for 'leftover' nights!

Banh Mi Vietnamese Pork Sandwich

Bring a taste of Vietnam to your table with this home made version of Banh Mi, the famous crusty pork sandwiches that combine the best traditions of crusty French bread and aromatic Vietnamese flavours. You can prepare steps 1 - 3 ahead of time to make evening meal preparation even easier.

Moist Chocolate Greek Yoghurt Cake with Ganache

This moist chocolate cake made with Greek yoghurt and a few other simple ingredients, and finished with a dark chocolate yoghurt ganache is so easy to make it's hard to believe how good it is!

Nectarine, fig and prosciutto salad with pine nuts

This delicious salad of Nectarine, fig and prosciutto on rocket leaves and topped with crunchy pine nuts gives summer fruit centre stage in a fresh, warm weather meal.

Crayfish tails with asparagus and hollandaise sauce

Crayfish tails with asparagus and hollandaise sauce is a glamourous way to show off your cooking expertise. A creamy homemade hollandaise dresses fresh steamed asparagus, perfectly setting off sweet local WA crayfish tails.

Smoked Salmon Spinach Roulade

This festive looking smoked salmon spinach roulade is an incredibly versatile recipe for entertaining season. It can be served for brunch, as an appetiser or in a light meal.

Mango Chutney

Adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe, this mango chutney makes the most of in season local mangoes and is a thoughtful homemade gift to give for Christmas.

Fresh oysters three ways

Enjoy Fresh Oysters three ways with our recipe for Thai style, Kilpatrick and lemon garlic butter toppings for a dozen fresh oysters. These make the perfect starter on a hot Christmas day, or enjoy by themselves on a balmy summer night.

Lamb rib chops with roasted garlic and white bean puree

Succulent portions of lamb presented on a long rib bone, herby lamb rib chops with roasted garlic heads served on a bed of white bean puree make an attractive and tasty grill.

Char-grilled marinated rump steak

Create a steakhouse quality meal at home with our BBQ rump steak recipe marinated marinated in Worcestershire sauce, red wine, rosemary, mustard and garlic then char-grilled to seal in the flavour.