Lupin Foods

Lupin Foods produces a food product called Lupin Flake made from the legume Australian Sweet Lupins. Having launched on a very small scale in October 2014, Lupin Flake is a relatively new health food product to the market.

Lupin Flake has a very unique nutrition profile being very high in both protein (40%) and prebiotic fibre (37%) with a carbohydrate content of just 4% (1.5% starch & 2.5% sugars).  Studies have shown the health benefits of Lupin Flakes include glucose metabolism, appetite control and satiety, cardiovascular health and bowel health.

Lupin Flake has been embraced by top restauranteurs in Perth for its versatility and nutritional content and has been hailed as a new Superfood for 2016.

Did you know? Western Australia is the world’s leading producer of lupins accounting for 85% of the world’s supply.