WA Beef fillet with vegetable medley

Serves: 4
Prep and cook time: 1 hour and 15 min
Difficulty: Medium


450 g (3 cups) new potatoes, peeled or turned
225 g (1 ¾) cups white asparagus, woody ends removed
800 g Harvey beef fillet, trimmed of silver skin and excess fat
3 tbsp groundnut oil
2 tbsp olive oil
150 g (2 cups) mixed wild mushrooms, brushed clean
4 spring onions, green parts only, chopped
300 g (2 cups) cherry tomatoes
60 ml |(¼ cup)  red wine
175 ml (¾ cup) beef stock
1 tbsp unsalted butter
2 – 3 tbsp red cabbage, finely shredded
thyme sprigs, to garnish
flaked sea salt
freshly ground black pepper


  1. Cook the potatoes in a large saucepan of salted, boiling water until soft to the point of a knife, approximately 18-22 minutes. Remove from the water with a slotted spoon and drain in a colander. Set aside to cool.
  2. Cook the asparagus spears in the same cooking water for 3 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon to a bowl of iced water. Keep the cooking water warm over a low heat.
  3. Cut the beef fillet into two even steaks. Rub with groundnut oil and season generously with salt and pepper.
  4. Heat a cast-iron frying pan over a high heat until almost smoking. Carefully position the steaks in the pan and leave to cook, untouched, for 3 minutes. Flip and cook the other sides for 3 minutes, adding the cherry tomatoes at the same time. Turn the steaks on their sides and sear all over, moving with tongs for best results.
  5. Remove the steaks and cherry tomatoes from the pan to a plate. Cover with aluminium foil and leave to rest for 15 minutes. Reserve the pan.
  6. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large saute pan over moderate heat until hot. Add the mushrooms, spring onion greens, and a pinch of salt, sautéing for 3 minutes until the mushrooms are tender and starting to colour.
  7. Drain the asparagus spears of ice water and cut into batons. Add to the pan with the mushrooms and toss well, warming over a reduced heat for 1-2 minutes. Cover and set aside.
  8. Warm the pan used to cook the steaks over a medium heat. Add red wine and deglaze the base, scraping with a spatula to loosen any food. Once the red wine has reduced by half, add the stock and bring to a boil. Rapidly boil until reduced by half. Whisk in the butter and then season to taste with salt and pepper. If desired, pass through a fine sieve into a gravy boat or bowl.
  9. Warm the cooked potatoes in the warm cooking water for 2 minutes. Cut the steaks in half and place on plates.
  10. Drain the potatoes and plate. Spoon over some of the red wine sauce and scatter with shredded cabbage.  Position the cherry tomatoes on the other side of the plate, garnished with thyme sprigs.
  11. Add the mushroom, spring onion, and asparagus medley to the plate. Serve immediately with any remaining sauce on the side.

image © Martin Dyrlov / StockFood Australia